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This coming Sunday 1st May Dave will be appearing at The Grove Inn, Leeds in support of Rock Against Racism.

This event will be an all dayer with both outside and indoor stages.

Artists on the bill include Whiskey Pistol, System Of Hate, Paul Morricone, The Suitcase Rags Trio and The 189ers.

Dave will be appearing on the Indoor Stage at 7.45pm for a half hour set, marking his return to the road following the 40th Anniversary Alarm tour which wound up in Bristol on Easter Sunday.

26 April 2022

April 2022 - round up 40th anniversary round up 40th anniversary

A huge thank you to everyone who was able to attend the shows making it such a fine, amazing and memorable Alarm 40th Anniversary Tour.

Your love and support made each and every night so very special.

An extended thank you must go to an excellent group of folks who made it all possible and who made it such a wonderful and magical tour for Mike and Jules, Smiley, James and myself.

Very special thanks must go to the following people for outstanding services way beyond the call of duty.

Andy Labrow. Management.
Mutly. Stage manager and production for Dave Sharp.
Gordie Grant. Stage and lighting for Dave Sharp.
The Dave Sharp online web team.
Andy Badgeman. Lighting for The Alarm and Dave Sharp.
Lydia, Stuart and Rachel. On tour Merchandising services.
All venue house crews. Audio production for Dave Sharp.
Dave Morait. Audio for The Alarm.

On tour photography by,
Chris Gillan.
Nigel Adams.
Ian Bourn.
Vanda Rappaport.
Martin Aylward. Film and video services for Dave Sharp.

Harry at Strings and Things. Equipment services.
Malcolm Namey. Guitar services for Dave Sharp.
Charlie Chandler. Guitar services for Dave Sharp.
Martin Guitars. Guitar services for Dave Sharp.

A finer team of people will not be found anywhere. A huge and heartfelt thank you to each and every one of you.

Dave Sharp
23 April 2022

March 2022 - update attention tour update attention tour update

Hi everyone. We have a couple of mid tour announcements you will need to consider if you are planning to attend the tour dates.

PLEASE NOTE. The London venue is now listed as The Electric Ballroom, our information was incorrect at the time of posting the tour dates so our apologies.

PLEASE NOTE. Stage times for Dave will now be 10 minutes before the posted times on all Dave Sharp online pages so please be sure to arrive at the venue in good time to catch the beginning of Daves performance, eg, if the posted showtime for Dave is 7.30, Dave will be onstage at 7.20. This will effectively extend Daves show from 40 mins to 50 mins. See tour dates below.

There is a strong circulating rumour that Dave will be performing Tell Me from the Alarm Declaration album. This will be the first time Dave has played this song live since the final night at the Alarm Brixton concert in 1991 when Dave last played live with Eddie Macdonald, Twist and Mike Peters as The Alarm.

Please stay tuned for further updates and up to date information as the tour progresses.

We look forwards to seeing you on The Alarm 40th anniversary tour and please remember to be safe and aware when in a crowded venue.

Keep the Faith.
24th March 2022

March 2022 - update 2022 tour update 2022 tour update 2022

At last the 2022 tour with Daves very good friend Mike Peters finally gets underway this Thursday in the fine City of Norwich after a long 2 years of fits and starts.

Im very excited at the prospect of a good and lengthy run of shows, says Dave, it will be a great thing to be together again with Mike and to be able to build up some good momentum within the music as the tour progresses. We havent seen each other for what seems ages and Im sure we will be able to share some great energy with everyone again.

We have advance news of some upcoming Dave Sharp shows not to be missed.

Dave will appear at a Rock Against Racism show in Leeds on Sun 1st May at The Grove Inn. More details to be announced soon.

Dave has been invited to perform once again at the Rebellion Festival in Blackpool on Sunday August 7th which looks to be a great gathering of the clans. Appearing on Sunday on the bill will be Stiff Little Fingers , Billy Bragg, who Dave last performed with at The Earth Day Festival New York City 1992. Also appearing will be Daves old IRS label mates Squeeze and Chelsea, along with The Buzzcocks, Ruts DC, Altered Images and The Tom Robinson Band.

We have word that the long awaited Aberdeen Vinyl in depth interview and podcast with Dave will air on Wednesday March 23rd just before Daves show in London on the 25th March. Be sure to check back in here on the news page for details of how to listen in.

It finally feels like things are getting underway again here at davesharp.org and we look forwards to seeing you at these upcoming events.

With Covid still lurking about we once again encourage you to be sensible and safe when out and about and to consider all the folks around you when in a crowded venue.

Thats the news for now folks, Keep The Faith and see you all out on the road very soon.

15th Mar 2022

January 2022 - road again on the road again on the road again on the

Dave Sharp is back on the road again in February beginning with a long awaited return to Ayrshire music hot spot The Windy Ha.

The Windy Ha date will mark Daves first appearance there after a seven year absence and is sure to be a very special evening. That same weekend Dave will visit Kilwinning for a debut show at The Alton Inn on Sunday 13th. If you are planning to be there please note the updated show time, Dave will now be onstage 7 till 10pm.

These February Scottish dates are naturally leading towards Daves return to the road with his good friend Mike Peters for their much anticipated March April tour. As many folks will know this tour has been a very much on off story for a considerable time having first been scheduled for 2020. Now, finally, two years later these dates are sure to be an amazing, spectacular and wonderful thing indeed. If you dont already have tickets be sure to head online to grab yourself a seat for these 2022 essential events.

Following his shows with Mike, Dave is continuing his return to the road and currently planning shows for May and onwards into Summer, Stay tuned and visit dates pages online regularly as shows are beginning to be announced.

Well thats all for now folks,

See you back on the road again in 2022.


January 2022 - year 2022 new year 2022 new year 2022 new year 2022 new

Hi folks,

I hope youve all been having a peaceful and calm holiday season and year end celebration as we all move into 2022.

I very much hope that we can all get back to something approaching normal in the months ahead after all the upheaval of covid restrictions.

It looks like the January show with my good friend Mike Peters will have to be moved till later in the year with the new variant spreading as it is. As soon as there is a firm date it will be posted on the tour dates page and across face book.

In the meantime it does look promising for the March/April dates with Mike to go ahead as planned, which Im looking forwards to immensely.

As we move ahead in the coming months please try to do everything you can to stay safe for yourself and the people around you.

I hope everyone has a great year ahead in 2022. Be well and it will indeed be a fine thing to see you all back on the road in the weeks and months ahead.

Go easy and go well.

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year.

Dave Sharp
2nd January 2022


Davesharp.org is sending you all the very best of Yuletide wishes for a wonderful holiday season 2021.

We hope you have a very special, safe and happy holiday after what must be described as an unusually difficult and turbulent year for everyone. Our thoughts are with you, one and all, as you celebrate with families and loved ones.

Here are our latest news updates which we hope will help to carry you through to year end and onwards into 2022.

Daves good friend Henry Priestman and the Christians have released a new single, Dont Cry Naz helping to bring continued awareness to the plight of Nazanin Ratcliffe. We strongly urge you to listen, enjoy and hopefully buy this great new Christians song, proceeds all of which will go to Redress, an international human rights organisation, working to help victims of torture everywhere around the world.


We remind you that Immortal Axes, Lisa Johnsons excellent book featuring the ultimate collection of rock star guitars, is now shipping just in time for Holiday Gifting. Be sure to grab on to a copy of this essential book for your coffee table reading this holiday season. See these fine links.

Immortal Axes

108 Rock Star Guitars

A brand new book has recently been released by talented upcoming author SG.McCloskey entitled Back Street Angels.

This thought provoking book is a modern and innovative take on Jack Kerouacs On The Road written from the perspective of a Glasgow street gang member. It contains substantial references to Alarm top ten hit 68 Guns and should be a highly recommended read for any Alarm enthusiast who is familiar with the story behind the song.

Back Street Angels is currently available from Amazon and now has its very own facebook page. Here are links for further information.



Be sure to check out and support this new and exciting author.


On the live front, Dave is set to make a long awaited return to one of his favourite venues The Windy Ha in February for a weekend, two day, two show visit. If you have plans to be in, or around, Ayrshire during the month of February be sure to make it there for what promises be an amazing weekend of essential live music. See the Live Shows page on www.davesharp.org for details.

With Covid once again very much on the rise we strongly urge you to take extra care when socialising during the Holidays, for yourself and for all the fine folks around you.

Well there we are folks. Have a wonderful, peaceful and above all SAFE celebration this season so we can look forwards to seeing you all back on the road again in 2022.


September 2021 - axes new book release immortal axes new book release

An exciting new coffee table book featuring many legendary guitars including Dave Sharp's original acoustic guitar he played in the early days of The Alarm from 1981 through to 1988 is released this week. Immortal Axes reaches the shelves in time for the holiday season making it an ideal gift for musicians and fans of music alike and is currently available through all good book retailers.

Dave's acoustic guitar is photographed in detail with in depth notes to accompany the pages dedicated to Dave.

Below is a review of Immortal Axes.

Music fans will find much to entertain them in Immortal Axes, Guitars that Rock. Many legendary instruments are lovingly displayed in this coffee table book, including Jimmy Page's 1968 Double Neck of Stairway to Heaven fame. Oddities include Jerry Garcia's pretzel-shaped 1981 Alembic.
Shepherd Express,

In this sequel to 108 Rock Star Guitars, photographer Johnson examines 160 guitars, mostly electric, belonging to legendary musicians in a variety of genres, rock, country, blues, and jazz. For each lavishly and lovingly photographed axe, vintage and newer models, she lists the make, model number, and sometimes the luthier She includes a story about photographing the instrument and discusses the importance of the guitar and its player in rock history. Johnson enthusiastically reminds readers about the dominance of raging, explosive electric guitars and the fiery guitarists who helped define music during the last half of the 20th century.

29 Sep 2021

September 2021 - press stop press stop press stop press stop press

Dave Sharp will make an appearance at the Stone Valley Festival North on Saturday 25th September at 3.30pm.

Saturday at The Stone Valley Festival is set to be a wonderful day with an amazing bill including The Undertones, Bad Manners, Death of Guitar Pop, Secret Affair, The Chords UK, and many more.

The Festival venue itself is a classic setting, please see the Stone Valley Festival website for full details, location and line ups.

If you plan to attend please remember Covid is still lurking so please be Covid Aware and have a Safe and Magical Day.

Fri 17th Sept

September 2021 - year new dates new year new dates new year new dates

We are excited and delighted to be able to announce the first crop of new Dave Sharp live dates as we all begin to return to some semblance of normality following 18 months of Covid Craziness.

Dave will be joining MIke Peters on tour in the New Year 2022 to celebrate a 40 year anniversary of Alarm music and friendship.

Dave will also be making an appearance at The Gathering South at St Davids Hall in Cardiff on January 21st which is now a sold out show.

Stay tuned for further news and information.

Remember folks, we are not out of this Covid thing yet so continue to stay safe and be well.

Tue 7th Sept 2021

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