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Hi everyone,

It is excellent indeed to be back with you after the 2020 year end holiday season for my first post for 2021. I think its more than fair to say that the past four weeks have felt like the worlds most wildest ride in recent times.

Like many, I was horrified to witness all the regrettable events of the January 6th Capital riots in Washington DC whilst the world awaited the day of inauguration for the 46th President of the United States of America, Joe Biden.

It feels so wonderful indeed to be able to think of moving forward again after the past 4 years of darkness into what I hope will be better times ahead for us all.

The day of celebration on Wednesday Jan 20th was a truly amazing, moving and inspiring experience, especially when viewed through the lens of lockdown and the ever present pandemic. I have to say it was almost existential to feel a huge and palpable sigh of relief being breathed out right around the world.

To mark these special times Im happy and excited to post a brand new, freshly remastered version of Edge of the World from the Time Travelling Demos, recorded in New Orleans in 1993, now remastered here for you by my good friend, producer and engineer Mutley for the Edge of the World Studios in North Devon.

The Time Travelling Demos were never designed to be released publicly although they were made available for limited time, on limited release, through in 2003.

Im happy to make Edge of the World Remastered available at this time on Facebook for you now whilst we contemplate the months ahead, watching a new U.S. Presidency unfold and as we all continue the battle against Covid 19.

Thank you, as ever, for all your support and love during the past year, I keep you all close to my heart.

Stay Safe, Stay Well and be of Good Spirit.

26 Jan 2021

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