SO LONG 2018!! SO LONG 2018!! SO LONG 2018!! SO LONG 2018!!

The So-Long 2018 Tour.

Following on from this Summers lengthy touring activities during the months of June, July, August and September, Dave has set out on a year end series of dates scheduled to run through November all the way to the eve of New Year's Eve on December 30th.

Time and tide seem to have indeed flown by in a monumentally huge rush lately and it seems like only 5 minutes ago since Dave kicked off the year with a show at The Gathering with Mike Peters way back in February.

2018 has certainly been an eventful and challenging 12 months all around the world and 12 months which many folks will possibly and most probably want to remember to forget. Without any doubt this year should go down as an astonishingly wild ride and it will surely find a high ranking on the list of one of the craziest years ever !!

Here are but a few of the hi/low lights from the year that we are all, at last, about to leave well behind.

Brexit, Donald Trump, leadership challenges, Central America migrant caravans, Californian forest fires, hurricanes Beryl, Chris, Florence, Joyce, Michael and Oscar, Japan flooding and Indian mudslides, the Yemen crisis, US school shootings, city street poisonings, the Genoa bridge collapse, fracking protests, countless stabbings and as if that wasn't enough this was the year we recognised plastic pollution as a pressing issue worldwide.

Finally, we remember, with fondness and sadness in our hearts, the passing of Aretha Franklin, Stephen Hawking, Kofi Annan, Burt Reynolds, Charles Aznavour, John McCain, William Goldman, Stan Lee, Chas Hodges, Geoffrey Hayes, Richard Baker, Pablo Ferro, Mary Rose McMaster, Ramona Ripston and Tony Joe White.

We look forward to seeing you all somewhere out along the road for the So Long 2018 tour ! Lets all hope to look forwards to something better for 2019.

We hope you'll all have a wonderful year end holiday season and from all of us here at, stay safe, be well and keep the faith.

Tour Dates 2018

Fri 14 Dec  - The Cottage Inn, Lynbridge

Sat 15 Dec  - The Prince of Wales, Ilfracombe

Fri 21 Dec  - The Marine Bar, Sidmouth

Fri 28 Dec  - The United Brethren, Chelmsford

Sat 29 Dec  - Cafe De Jardin, Lewes

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