Summer Travellin'

Well, it looks as though the Summer's finally beginning to happen here . . . We certainly hope everybody is readying up for a superb 2014 festival season.

This Summer and on into the Autumn Dave plans to be travelling to Scotland, South Wales, Devon and the South East of England. So be sure to stay tuned for regularly updated shows.

If you need additional info, please click over via the Facebook link to Dave's FB site where Facemaster Martin should be able to sort you out.

Have a great season, folks, and check back soon.

Keep the faith and travel easy.

Tour Dates 2014

Thu 24 Jul  - The Venue, Lymm

Sat 26 Jul  - Green Valley Arts, Upper Cumtwrch, Swansea Valley. Green Valley Blues Festival

Sun 27 Jul  - The Hop, Leeds. The Sunday Gathering

Sun 27 Jul  - Hooton Lodge, Hooton Roberts. Dub Odyssey Festival

Fri 8 Aug  - The Market Tavern, Brecon. The Brecon Fringe Festival